Invasive Angiography in Sydney

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Welcome to our Invasive Angiography page, where we offer comprehensive diagnostic procedures to evaluate your cardiovascular health. Our skilled interventional cardiologists and advanced imaging technology ensure accurate and detailed assessments to guide appropriate treatment plans.

Importance of Invasive Angiography:

Invasive angiography is a specialized procedure that involves injecting a contrast dye into your blood vessels to visualize their structure and identify potential blockages or abnormalities. It plays a critical role in diagnosing conditions such as coronary artery disease, heart valve disorders, and peripheral vascular disease. Invasive angiography provides precise information that helps our cardiologists determine the most suitable treatment approach, including interventions such as angioplasty, stenting, or bypass surgery.

Risks of Not Undergoing Invasive Angiography:

Choosing not to undergo invasive angiography may result in undiagnosed cardiovascular conditions going untreated, leading to increased risks of heart attacks, heart failure, or other severe complications. Without the detailed insights provided by invasive angiography, the accurate assessment of arterial blockages or abnormalities becomes challenging. Timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment interventions are crucial for preserving heart health. Don’t delay your cardiovascular evaluation—schedule your invasive angiography with us today.

Through invasive angiography, Dr. Salib accurately identifies and treats arterial blockages, employing his specialized skills for your heart’s best outcome.

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